When Reginald W Beckett founded the R.W. Beckett Engineering Company in 1937 he was responding to a perceived product need in a developing industry for oil heating and a desire to scratch that entrepreneurial itch.

Reg Beckett built the company on close relationships with key customers, solid engineering and a willingness to take on a large competitive field. Since its early days in a crowded market of over 200 competitors, the R.W. Beckett Corporation grew to become the dominant market leader among the handful of remaining companies providing oil burners to the oil fired appliance market.
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John Beckett also codified our Ethical Values of Integrity, Excellence and a Profound Respect for the Individual. Values clearly demonstrated first by John and then bred into every sibling company that bears the Beckett name. He provided the opportunity and initial momentum for what has become 7 facilities and multiple companies. John continues as the Chairman of each of the independent boards that oversee each of the family-owned Beckett companies.


He also laid the foundations for those companies that continue to grow today. Bob brought outside experience but more importantly an instinctive business sense for where growth opportunities might exist and how to take advantage of them. He was the entrepreneurial complement to John’s deliberate and effective leadership and stewardship.

Bob Cook was instrumental in the startup of Beckett Gas along with other ventures inside and outside the family of companies. BGI came about because of John’s desire to see the legacy of the R.W. Beckett Corporation diversified out of the oil heating market after 50 successful years; the company needed more market space in which to grow.


Morrison moved from RWB and worked alongside Bob Cook until his passing in 2002.

Since that time Beckett Gas has grown threefold and expanded to 3 facilities with customers all over the world. We continue to be a rapidly growing engineering and manufacturing company that can meet the ever growing regulatory and market solution demands our customers face.


The executive team consists of both home grown and outside professionals. They know the industry but also know how things get done. We are always looking for those unique individuals who see their careers as more than just climbing a corporate ladder. We look for leaders who want to leave a larger impact on the market, employees, the industry, community as well as our shareholders.

Although we have navigated the transition from small startup to growing corporation, we aspire to double and double again our sales and capacity to serve the markets that appreciate what we bring. There is a lot more to be done and many more opportunities to discover and explore.


Beckett Gas is headquartered in beautiful North Ridgeville, Lorain County, Ohio. The friendly and welcoming mid-west residents are proud of their schools, places of worship, and “hometown” atmosphere. We could go on and on about the unlimited opportunities for personal growth offered in Cleveland and provided under the Beckett Gas umbrella, but we invite you to come see for yourself.


Water enthusiasts flock to Lake Erie by the thousands to enjoy miles of beaches, boating, skiing and fishing; few things rival watching the sunset at one of the many waterfront restaurants.

We’re proud of our Midwestern heritage, and encourage you to come see why we choose to call northeast Ohio home. We think you’ll be surprised at the abundance found here on the north coast! Cleveland is one of the USA’s best kept secrets and we like it that way.


Beckett Gas uses cutting edge hardware and software applications for superior design, testing and analysis in our product from early design and prototyping through to manufacturing.

We provide technology solutions for existing and future customers as they seek to break away from competitors. We do this by having the best and most creative minds in the industry. We can provide you with a solution for a new appliance or the resources to ensure you hit your own project goals often free of charge for ongoing product customers.


Jim will be helping to grow the business by working on product innovation and new market development. He brings to BGI over twenty‐five years of diverse product development, product management, and marketing experience in multiple industries with global organizations.


Scott studied Refrigeration Engineering at Fanshawe College. He brings twenty‐five years of experience in the gas appliance industry from leading brand manufacturers.

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There are a number of reasons we do this and believe in this so strongly. We want to build excitement in manufacturing by educating students about the many opportunities that exist in this field. We feel it’s important to talk to students about the skills that employers look for and what students can do to make themselves more employable and essential to a company. By showing students the different paths and career fields that exist and are needed to make up the team we have here. It’s about helping in whatever way we can to build into this younger generation the skills to make a difference in our community. Finally, we just love having people visit and appreciate the opportunity to share anything we can to help out.

A typical manufacturing day event will start with donuts and a welcome presentation. This is followed by a tour through the plant. The tour includes numerous stops and hands-on interactions with the Beckett Gas team members as student follow a product from concept through design and into production. The students are then broken into small teams themselves are tasked to solve a design challenge of their own. The day ends with lunch and a question and answer session where we work to enforce the ideas that have been shared during the tour.

We are proud to have won the “AHRI Chairman’s Challenge” award last year for our program. If you think this is something that might interest you, please give us a call so we can schedule a date. Keep in mind that we do keep a full schedule and time slots fill fairly quickly.

To schedule a Manufacturing Day tour, call Greg Bloomfield at 440-353-1332. He would love to hear from you.

Since 1988, Beckett Gas has been partnering with gas appliance customers to design and manufacture the very best combustion and heat exchange components for their most important product lines.

Our extensive experience and depth of engineering expertise means customer projects can leap ahead of regulations, the market and their competition. Our solutions have been first to market for more than 20 years across multiple segments in the residential and commercial heating and water heating markets.

Our components are made in the USA where we are committed to innovative, lowest cost, zero defect and just-in-time production.


Our extensive experience enables us to produce reliable gas combustion components, within exacting tolerances, for a wide variety of industries. Growing substantially over its history, Beckett Gas has received numerous design and product patents for industry innovations.

Our Ethical Values of Integrity, Excellence and a Profound Respect for the Individual provide the foundation for all we do and are signposts to what we desire to become.


Our combustion heritage goes back to our founding family member in oil conversions and combustion in 1937.


Leadership comes in many different forms at Beckett Gas.


Our customers know their markets and their product needs. We know combustion and heat exchange.

What we do

With patented technology Beckett Gas technology can be found in appliances and products worldwide, including Combustion, Heat Exchange, Controls and other components in:

  • Residential and commercial forced air central furnaces
  • Residential and commercial boilers
  • Residential and commercial water heaters
  • Residential and commercial gas clothes dryers
  • Pool heaters and outdoor space heaters
  • Commercial baking ovens and fryers
  • Decorative gas fireplace appliances
  • Manufactured home furnaces
  • RV heating systems for air and water.
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Product Overview

Not only do we offer the best technology, we offer "More than Just Technology"


As an industry leader, there’s a lot going on at Beckett Gas. Here is just a sampling of the Beckett opportunities, industry involvement and worldwide connections our people are making every day.

Manufacturing Day at BGI5/23/2017

AHR Expo 20172/23/2017

Elite Supplier Award - 2016 6/15/2016


If you would like more information on Beckett or any of our innovative products, please contact one of our global locations listed below:
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Main Office: 440.327.3141

Beckett Gas Commercial Systems Division: 440-783-7600

Beckett Performance Products: 763-710-7120

Worgas Bruciatori SRL: +39/059-44-79-11 Home

Worgas Burners Limited: +44/(0)1773-864-870

Contact email address: sales@beckettgas.com

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